Sweet Cat Greets Mailman on His Delivery Route Everyday


If dogs hate cats and the mailman, does that mean cats LOVE the mailman? That’s a logical conclusion to come to, right?

While dogs are fond of chasing the neighborhood mailman away, cats are a different story. Or maybe it’s just this one particular kitten from New Zealand that has a special affinity for mailmen…

This mailman takes a video of his early morning rounds and finds himself being greeted by a friendly cat who leads the way to the mailbox. Instead of running away, the kitten warmly hops onto the mailman’s cart and gladly accepts some pats.

Check out the video below and see how the two form a sweet friendship!

This is certainly a twist for mailmen who are used to being on their guard for misbehaving dogs while they deliver mail. But this cat gives him something to look forward to every day — a friend along the way!

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