On Christmas Eve, Take Time to Reflect on the Meaning of the Season


Christmas Day tends to be a flurry of activity, as you get wrapped up handing out presents, greeting family members, and laughing over good food.

Before you know it, it’s Christmas Day eve and the day has slipped away from you. Another Christmas done.

Being enveloped in the joys of the day has its own special charm. However, there is something more magical about Christmas Eve. It’s the breather in between the whirlwind of preparing for the season and the excitement of Christmas day.

You are caught between the feelings of satisfaction of having gotten everything done and the feelings of anticipation for the big day. All is quiet and calm, yet even the simplest of things have an air of brightness and merriness about them.

It’s a time for reflection, for taking the time to slow down and think for just a moment. With Christmas Eve upon us once more, it’s important to remember what the holiday is for.

Which is why I have taken some time to write this poem!

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Information Security Buzz

‘Twas the night before Christmas
A night of family and fun,
With the thought of great presents,
Maybe a vacation, some sun.

Mom with a nightcap,
Dad with a beer,
Sat watching old family movies,
Their one way to bring cheer.

Their teens were not home,
They were out with their friends,
For who wants to be with family,
When you can make some new trends!

The Instagram posts,
Facebook likes and retweets,
Snapchats being sent,
The digital age has no peace.

How did this all start?
When did things start to change?
Why is time with family,
No longer in range?

Instead of yourself,
On this holiday eve,
Try thinking of others,
Especially those in need.

Think of your mother,
Who cooked that great meal,
The one you missed out on,
Because the mall had a deal.

Think of your father,
Who worked twice as hard,
To ensure that your gifts,
Would be more then a card.

Try putting that phone down,
This time of the year,
You might find some fun times,
And great holiday cheer.


It’s time to make time,
To be around more,
To make seeing your family
Less of a chore.

They won’t always be here,
Some day they’ll move on,
Can you live with yourself,
Knowing you were always gone?

So I ask all who read this,
To take it to heart,
If you don’t spend time with family,
Maybe it’s time that you start.