Watch This Cat’s Adorably Desperate Attempts to Befriend Little Boy


Cats are typically portrayed as villainous pets. From scratching their owners to unexpectedly jumping at them, it’s no wonder felines have been stereotyped as the “bad guys.”

While almost every non-cat owner seems to agree on this, it’s unfair to the other cats who are nothing but sweet and affectionate to people. Take this kitten, for instance, who was left in the company of a toddler.

Instead of evading or attacking the little boy, all the cat wants is to befriend him, which explains why he follows the baby’s every step. Even though the kid is trying to do something that is clearly important, the cat keeps getting in his way.

Watch the clip below to see the clingy cat in action!

Too adorable on the part of both the cat and the little boy! It’s typical that animals are most attracted to people who want nothing to do with them.

I’m sure if this boy paid attention to the cat and got all clingy in return the cat would soon want nothing to do with him. That’s the way of the world, though!

Perhaps the cat just thinks the little boy is another cat, seeing as he is walking around on all fours. Whatever the case may be, they sure are a cute pair!