This Adorable Little Boy’s Song Will Get You into the Halloween Spirit!


Halloween is supposed to be spooky time, filled with ghost stories and haunted houses. However, when little kids are involved it’s actually the most adorable time of the year!

For one, it’s impossible for a little kid to NOT look adorable in a costume. Even if they are dressed up as an ax murderer they still manage to make it look cute.

Then add their unrestrained excitement for going out trick-or-treating to the mix. For an event that only lasts a couple of hours on what can sometimes be a very cold and blustery night of the year, kids get super excited about it.

Their anticipation leading up to trick-or-treating is heartwarming. But seeing their eyes grow even wider when they dump their haul of candy on the living room floor and start sorting through it all is even more fun. Yes, Halloween is an adorable time of the year.

This little boy is no exception! He is all dressed up in his Power Ranger costume and begins singing a festive song for the holiday. As he sings, he forgets some of the lyrics. No need for him to worry though, as his mom is there to save the day.

Watch the little red ranger sing with so much enthusiasm and energy. He even choreographed some moves to add more spunk. Check him out below!

It looks like someone can’t contain their excitement for Halloween… and we don’t blame him! Everything about this is so darn cute, including the way he mispronounces some of the words.

Hopefully this kicks off a cute and heartwarming Halloween for you. For some, Halloween might be about the scary tricks, but we definitely prefer treats like this little boy!