Top 10 Most Heart-Wrenching Disney Scenes


Disney movies have brought joy and laughter to everyone at some point in their lives. For many of us, our excitement for the upcoming sequels outweighs the excitement of the kids. However, Disney has also had its fair share of heart wrenching scenes. Whether they be happy tears, or unhappy tears, Disney has been the culprit on most accounts! Let’s count down the ten most heart-wrenching scenes that Disney has had to offer.

Destruction of Ariel’s Grotto
The Odyssey Online

10) Destruction of Ariel’s Grotto

We can start the countdown with the most destructive scene in Disney history. All she wanted was to be with the love of her life. She had an interest in human knickknacks and was far too inquisitive for her father’s liking. Because of this, and the belief that his wife was killed by humans in the past, King Triton is determined to put an end to his daughters “careless and wreck less behaviour”. He enters her grotto and the destruction that follows devastates her and causes her to rebel further. Very good start to the heart wrenching scenes.