Watch as a Kitty Helps Out an Unlikely Friend


Dogs and cats are naturally perceived to share a disdainful relationship, pretty much like Batman and the Joker. Placing a dog in the same room with a cat can only lead to disaster— at least, that’s what most people would think. However, that’s not the case for these two unlikely furry buddies, Maddie and Rudy.

Rudy the kitten is apparently not your typical menacing feline. Instead of making things worse for the scared pup, Maddie, he does the unthinkable by getting the Chihuahua out of her pen. Watch as the owner secretly captures a video of the cat getting caught in the act of helping out a pal.

Rudy just proved to everyone that cats can be such great friends too! Even more so is the fact that cats and dogs CAN be best friends after all.