7 Genius Bagged Lunch Hacks for Incredible Lunches on the Go


Whether you’re a parent dreading having to make lunches for your kids to take to school, a student who is sick of buying meals on campus, or an employee who can’t stand the thought of bringing another sandwich to work, you can make use of these bagged lunch overhauls!

With these hacks, you’ll be on your way to making incredible lunches every day of the week. Make sure you (and your kids) always have a great meal to look forward to!

Use Divided Lunch Containers

Use Divided Lunch Containers

Forget plastic baggies and multiple plastic containers — opt for divided lunch containers instead. Not only are they trendy for bento box meals, but they’re also perfect for displaying and portioning out your lunch.

This way, all your food is neatly packed in one place, and you’ll only have one container to wash.

Fill Your Plastic Baggies with Air to Prevent Crushed Food
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Fill Your Plastic Baggies with Air to Prevent Crushed Food

We complain that chip companies fill their bags of chips with too much air, however it’s really a useful concept. When packing fragile food items such as chips, cereal, pretzels, blueberries, or crackers in plastic baggies, add some air before you close it.

This creates a cushion that will prevent your foods from getting crushed. Problem solved!

Be Eco-Friendly with Reuseable Sandwich Bags
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Be Eco-Friendly with Reuseable Sandwich Bags

Oh no, you’ve run out of plastic baggies once again. Fortunately, with reuseable sandwich bags, you’ll never experience this again.

Not only will it save you cash, but it’ll also reduce waste and help the environment. Perfect!

Oh, and did I mentioned how cute they are?