How to Get the Best Black Friday Deals and Live to Tell the Tale


Black Friday is a great opportunity to get savings big and small on anything from the latest technology to the cutest clothing. Some attend Black Friday to stock up on Christmas gifts for their loved ones, while others opt to purchase things they may not be able to afford without the savings.

However, one must beat the crowds and know where to get the best of the best deals. Here’s a Black Friday guide just for that.

First and foremost, you should decide what you want to get savings on and what, of course, you plan to purchase on Black Friday. Whether it be clothing, furniture, makeup, or electronics, specify the department you’ll be running for once you walk through a store’s doors. These are just the first steps to planning your Black Friday shopping spree.

Black Friday crowds
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Shop at Stores That Are Less Likely to Be Crowded

Larger stores, especially convenience stores, are likely to have more deals, thus typically attracting more people. Larger stores such as Costco, Best Buy, Walmart, and even malls are examples.

Basically, most stores with furniture, video games and technology will be the most crowded. Opt for stores that sell limited products such as clothing or hardware stores. You might find some good deals everyone else is missing out on in the most unexpected places.

Going into a massively crowded store first thing on Black Friday isn’t ideal as you probably won’t get what you wanted and will have to struggle with crowds of people. If you opt to go to these larger and busier stores, go a little later in the day.

Black Friday Shop on Other Days Other Than on Actual Black Friday

Every year, Black Friday starts earlier and earlier. Instead of just going Black Friday shopping on actual Black Friday, attend other “Black Friday” days. With more days for great savings, you have a better shot of avoiding massive crowds and receiving better deals. It’s a win-win situation.

Be sure to check online to see what Black Friday sales are offered in your area. Perhaps even consider going Black Friday shopping in another nearby town that has a smaller population to further avoid the crowds. As well, avoid or go later to the places that are constantly advertising Black Friday. Go for the places that have very little advertising for their Black Friday sales, as very few people will likely know about them and the deals they have to offer.

Go for the Items with the Lesser Deals

Instead of putting your focus on the best savings, try going for the items with the more “decent deals.” While everyone else is fighting to purchase a $50 flat screen TV, go for the $150 flat screen TV instead. Go for a 40% off store versus the 80% off store right next door to it. Go for the alternative that everyone else wants second. You’re more likely to be successful at getting something good.

Of course, if you’re able to get your hands on the better option, go for it! The goal, though, should be to snatch what you can, even if the savings are only decent in comparison to another product offered.

Black Friday sales
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Don’t Go Black Friday Shopping with the Intention of Purchasing a Specific Item

One big mistake many make when going Black Friday shopping is focusing on purchasing a specific item. The problem with this is you’ll likely end up empty handed and exhausted after spending hours waiting just to get into the store and rummaging through crowds. It’s better to come out with something decent than to come out with nothing at all because your focus was on one or two impossible items.

Instead, go into a store of your choice with the intention of coming out with whatever you can get your hands on. This doesn’t mean start grabbing everything off the shelves and throwing them into your cart. Rather, take the time to shop around looking at the good, the bad, and the amazing deals offered.

Grab what you like as you see it while everyone else is focused on one or two items with the biggest deals. You can get great deals on a variety of different items, some which you may not have expected.

If you do have plans on purchasing a specific item, create a Black Friday team with a group of loved ones. Form a group, and decide who will go for what item. Instead of sticking together, spread out.

Have one friend or family member try to grab the stereo in the electronic department you’ve been eyeing for weeks. Have someone else go snatch a few pairs of $25 UGG boots in the shoe section, while you fly across the store to get massive savings on an expensive watch.

It’s also a good idea to plan where you plan to meet up with your buddies after the shopping is completed. Even though parking is likely to be chaotic, it may be best to take separate vehicles in case you end up losing someone for longer than expected.

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Go Black Friday Shopping Online

Not a fan of crowds of sweaty, smelly people? Go Black Friday shopping from the safety of your home! Many websites offer Black Friday savings comparable to in-store deals. Sure, you may have to deal with slow or crashed websites if the deals are that good, but the thing with online Black Friday shopping is that it’s safer, more convenient, and sometimes even easier.

Again, go for the stores and the items and deals people would typically want second. Some of your favorite stores may even have Black Friday deals but be vague with advertising about them.

Overall, be smart, be safe, dress comfy, get plenty of sleep and calories before diving into the deals, and have fun with Black Friday this year. Don’t do anything you’ll regret later.

Go with the lesser deal, come up with a game plan, but be prepared for those plans to change. Just go with the flow and be respectful while shopping this Black Friday!