Repurpose Old Colored Pencils as Makeup Products


Why buy one measly eyeliner when you can purchase 12 of them for much cheaper price, or perhaps lipstick? Some of these products, as much as we love them, can sometimes be too pricey. That’s where this quick yet fun DIY comes into play.

If you’re on a budget, just want to try something new, or simply love the vibrant colors of colored pencils, you will love this little hack. Rather than purchasing crazy colored eyeliner pencils or buying funky colored lipsticks, this girl decided to use a box of colored pencils as makeup to get the job done. Smart move!

Even if you’re not much of an extremist when it comes to makeup, you may find this DIY helpful in a pinch. If you can’t seem to find your favorite hot pink lipstick, forgot you used up the last of your icy blue eyeliner, or can’t seem to find the exact color of makeup you want in actual makeup form, perhaps you’ll find it in a colored pencil instead. After all, most of us have an old or unused box of colored pencils lying around the house.

Seriously, though, this hack is genius. Finding quality, affordable, “wacky” colored lipstick is not easy to find, especially in the exact color or shade you’re looking for. The same thing goes with eyeliner. While there are literally thousands of colors in eyeshadow in every store you turn to, finding your favorite color in eyeliner is five times as hard, but not anymore with this great DIY.

The best part about this colored pencil hack is the fact that you no longer have to purchase crazy colored makeup you only need for one night out and will never touch again. If you have a special event to go to and opt to wear a fun eyeliner or lipstick color, you can simply resort to colored pencils rather than purchasing those crazy makeup colors you’ll never think of wearing again. It just makes life easier, and it certainly saves money too.