8 Amazing Cosplaying Tips and Tricks for First-Time Cosplayers


Is there nothing you love more than dressing up for Halloween? Do you start thinking about your costume months in advance? Do you wish everyone else dressed up as thoroughly as you do?

You’d probably enjoy cosplaying.

Do you love Disney, video games, comic books, and general nerdery? Are you part of any fandoms? Did you have your tickets for the new Star Wars movie bought in advance as soon as they went on sale?

You’d probably enjoy cosplaying.

There are many cosplaying events that are held year round all over the world. Get a couple of friends together, buy tickets and get working on your costumes!

You’ll have a blast bringing out your inner nerd! Here’s how to make a success out of your first time cosplaying.

Pick a Character You Can Relate To
Misz Kelina Melina

Pick a Character You Can Relate To

This is one of the most important steps to cosplaying. You want to be able to not only pick an interesting character, and one that may be fairly well-known, but you also want to pick someone that you can relate to, or at least know all the mannerisms for.

The biggest part of cosplay isn’t just looking the part, but acting the part. If you are going as the Joker then you better have a creepy smile and an eerie laugh. If you’re going as Harley Quinn then I expect a slight Boston accent and a whole lot of “Puddin’.”

Begin by Brainstorming Ideas
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Begin by Brainstorming Ideas

Once you have your character, start planning things out. Be creative as you want here!

From my own experience, gender-bending a character often turns a lot of heads because people aren’t expecting it. Gender-bending involves taking a character and playing them as the opposite sex (a male Poison Ivy for example).

But get very creative here and come up with your own look. Maybe mash up a Pokémon as if it were a human, or A Disney villain in steampunk attire.

Have Fun!

Figure out the Makeup and Accessories First

Figure out the Makeup and Accessories First

Often the hardest part of the costume is getting everything to match. Leaving the makeup to the last second is often the worst idea.

Your makeup is what is truly going to identify you as your character, so ensure that you have this mastered before you begin on the rest of your costume.

Finding clothing that matches your shade of makeup will be a lot easier than trying to find makeup to match your finished costume!

Does your character have accessories? Are you able to make these?

If not, your best friend will be Amazon (just make sure you’re giving yourself enough time to order these items in).