These 10 Easy Study Tips Will Increase Your Grades


Being a student can be tough at times. The due dates for assignments all seem to be for the same week, the midterms are incredibly hard, and the exams….forget about it. We have all had those moments of “studying” for hours on end and then completely blanking, and the truth is – you’re studying wrong if this is happening. Here are some tried and true study tips (by yours truly) to keep you in line with your studies.

No Distractions

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1. No Distractions

The biggest problem that students have is distractions. To solve this problems is simple: REMOVE THEM! You know that you have to pass that math test coming up…put the cell phone in your backpack and leave it there. You have to ace your history midterm….stop checking Facebook every five minutes. Grades have gone down since social media reared its ugly head, and because of these social applications students are getting caught with more and more distractions. Your job is to know that when you are studying nothing else is important at that time so shut the world out and focus!