How to Get in the Holiday Spirit


Now that Christmas is right around the corner, it’s time that we all get in the holiday spirit! There’s those who are dedicated Christmas-lovers who string up lights the day after Thanksgiving, and then there’s those who literally wait days until Christmas to even hang up a wreath. For those of you who can relate to the last part of that statement, here’s a little guide to help you to actually enjoy the holiday season this year rather than to just let it slip away!


Crank up the Christmas Tunes

If you live in an area that doesn’t snow, or rarely does, it can be even harder to get in the Christmas spirit. If it doesn’t look like Christmas time outside, it’s hard for it to feel that it’s almost Christmas, but the next best thing is Christmas music. You can’t go wrong with the joyful, upbeat tunes that play throughout December! Even if you aren’t fond of the classics, there are several holiday remixes, covers, and remakes out there that may make you think otherwise.

The peaceful ‘Little Drummer Boy’ song turns to an upbeat, reggae version of the classic tune in Sean Kingston’s cover. For a metal cover of ‘Let it Snow,’ listen to Twisted Sister’s version. Of course, there are also several others out there, even techno versions of any Christmas song that comes to mind. There’s really a variety for everyone out there; you just have to search around based on your personal preferences.

Fill your House with Holiday Scents

Just smelling various Christmas scents can bring reminisce of past Christmases spent and completely bring you into the holiday spirit. Find Christmassy candles, potpourri, essential oils, or even holiday fragrances for your home. You can even make your own scented candles or potpourri if you’re feeling crafty!

If you’re looking for household products that are a bit more subtle, even something as simple as switching your bath soap or the soaps that sit next to your sinks to a Christmassy soap will work just fine. Etsy is a great place to search for all the various scents you may prefer: Cinnamon, pine needle, clove, gingerbread, peppermint, the list goes on!

Watch a Christmas Movie you’ve Never Watched Before

There’s nothing like Christmas holiday movies that you watch year to year, but sometimes watching them one too many times can just seem a little anti-climactic when it comes to the point where you basically memorized every line and know every little pun and plot twist that occurs. When it comes to that point, sometimes it’s best to watch a different holiday movie you’ve never watched before.

Of course, you can never rule out the classics, but it’s true that keeping an open mind to different movies can be more exciting. Just give it a try next time you find yourself bored with nothing to do!

Get in the Giving Mood

If you favor receiving over giving, it can be difficult to get in the true holiday spirit. Knowing that you can put a smile on somebody else’s face should make your holiday the brightest its ever been. Rather than focusing on your wish list, turn your attention to others’ wants and needs. If you find yourself giving every single one of your friends and family members gift cards simply because you’re expected to give them a gift in return, you’re not in the Christmas spirit.

Give them something exciting and meaningful; it doesn’t even have to be expensive! Handmake something unique, buy them a local handcrafted good they will enjoy, or buy them something they’ve always wanted. Getting crafty is key, as well as being selfless. This is the season of giving afterall! Taking a different stance on things can make all the difference, both for you and somebody else.

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Bake Different Holiday Treats This Year

If your old fudge recipe has been a flop for the past four years, it’s time to move on to different treats and recipes. Of course, trying different recipes only makes for fonder Christmas memories, and tastier ones too! Sticking to your old treats year to year can be a tad bit boring, unless, that is, your treats are magnificent. If they are getting a little lame, try a yummy peppermint bark, cream cheese brownies, or even snowman cake pops; anything different and unique that will boost your Christmas spirit! Trying new things as simple as a recipe can definitely make you more excited for the holidays.

Take on a New Tradition or Two

It’s not that traditions are bad or anything. In fact, they create some of the best memories, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to try something new tradition-wise, whether it’s someone else’s tradition or a completely different tradition you’ve come up with yourself. Sometimes an old tradition can be a drag. You know what they say about clutter; when you have clutter piling up, it causes stress. Same goes with old traditions at times, and that’s when it’s time to try something different.

When you find yourself dreading at the thought of baking cookies on Christmas morning as you’ve done every year since you were child, make brownies instead, or don’t bake anything at all. Sometimes letting go of a dreadful tradition can bring relief and can clear out your thoughts. Now that you’ve let go of your old traditions, it leaves room for better traditions and more exciting memories, allowing you to actually be joyful during the holiday season. Just because a tradition is a tradition doesn’t mean you’re forced to continue with it every single Christmas!