8 Ways to Keep the Romance Alive in a Long-Term Relationship


People often think that after a certain period of time in a relationship, or once you get married, things start to get boring. That, though, is far from the truth.

Sometimes all you need is simple spice in your relationship to keep it strong.

Have a Monthly Date Night
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1. Have a Monthly Date Night

If kids and a full time career are in the picture, it almost seems impossible to spend quality time alone with your partner. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t still go out on dates.

Even if you’re married, taking the time to go out and do something special with your significant other is a great way to reconnect, bond and take the time to spend quality time with one another. All it takes is going out once a month!

It can be anything from a fancy dinner to a late night bowling session. Easy as pie.

Make It a Daily Custom to Talk with One Another
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2. Make It a Daily Custom to Talk with One Another

As they say, communication is key in a relationship. Unfortunately, many couples either have faulty ways of communicating, or they don’t take the time to have in-depth conversations with one another.

Many couples find that making it a daily ritual to talk to their partner about how their day went improves their relationship. It’s also a great way to relieve stress when you talk to the one you love about your everyday stresses, worries and even highlights.

Cook Your Partner's Favorite Meal
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3. Cook Your Partner’s Favorite Meal

Life is busy, as we can all agree. Too often we resort to quickly picking something up in a drive-thru or ordering in. Where’s the romance in that?

Every now and then, treat your partner to their favorite home-cooked meal.

It’s romantic, it shows you care and it proves that you know them and what they like. After all, they say food is the key to one’s heart, and we all love food.