7 Brilliant Life Hacks for the Best Summer Road Trip Ever


While we all agree summer road trips and vacation days spent with family or friends are a blast, there are always downsides that occur while travelling there. Getting through the long car rides while keeping yourself both occupied and entertained in the most convenient manner is not an easy task.

What if I told you, though, that you could turn that boring, lengthy car ride into a satisfactory experience, all while keeping things tidy? Check out these road trip life hacks!

Convenient Containers for Snacks
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1. Convenient Containers for Snacks

Road trips wouldn’t be the same without snacks! Rather than bringing a sack filled with packaged snacks for the entire car to share, opt for compartmented containers for each member of the family or friend riding in the car. This way, everyone can have several compartments to fill with the snacks they want.

The great thing with this way of snacking is that snacks are fairly portioned, it’s neater and cleaner, and you don’t have to worry about passing large chip bags and such around the car. Plus, because these containers help save a lot of space, you can add several different snacks into your compartments as compared to carrying dozens of different packaged snacks in your car.

iOS Maps for Remembering Where You Parked
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2. iOS Maps for Remembering Where You Parked

There comes a time when you start feeling irritated, cramped and in need of a fresh breath of air after being stuck in a car for several hours. While you’ll be driving through many interesting places that would make good spots to stop and explore for a bit, you might feel a little hesitant to venture too far for fear of getting lost in a strange, unknown locale.

That’s when iOS Maps comes in handy! With the help of iOS Maps, or any other similar map app, you can simply drop a pin after parking, so you’ll remember exactly where you parked as you take the time to have a bit of a breather in the unfamiliar city you’ve stopped in.

Now your stops will be stress-free and you can focus on taking in your surroundings!

Shoe Organizers for the Ultimate Backseat Organization
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3. Shoe Organizers for the Ultimate Backseat Organization

Nothing’s worse for backseat dwellers than reaching for their iPod or other device and then realizing that it’s tightly packed away in their suitcase. Or of course, if you’re the type of road tripper that has a bag on the floor filled with books, devices, and other forms of entertainment, it’s just not a convenient to have to rifle through your bag in the cramped space you have to maneuver in to find what you want.

Instead, attach shoe organizers to the back of your car’s seats to create an organized system for keeping everything you need for your long car ride in arm’s reach, from your cell phone to your favorite chapstick. With this hack, you can expect a safe and convenient way to store your personal belongings all while saving quite a bit of space in the car!

Plus, those in the front seat can easily grab something out of the pockets if necessary.