7 Genius Gift Baskets That Will Make You the Ultimate Secret Santa


The holiday season is now in full swing, and many of us are taking part in Secret Santa gift exchanges at the office. While Secret Santa is meant to be a fun holiday game, it can often cause more stress than it seems it’s worth.

If you don’t know the person you are playing Secret Santa to very well it can be very difficult to come up with gift ideas. Thankfully we have the ultimate gift-giving solution: gift baskets.

Here are the best Secret Santa gifts for under $25! (Please note the items are all under $25, not including the gift wrap.)

Baskets By Rita
Baskets By Rita

1. The Gamer

This is probably one of the easiest gift baskets to create. You just need to think like a gamer.

They need fuel (both food and drink) and they need computer items. Start with a gift basket and get a few energy drinks to put in it.

Grab a few grab bags of chips from your local dollar store and place them strategically in the basket. You could throw in a chocolate bar or two if you so desire and then throw in some novelty items such as an ergonomic mouse pad, or some headphones.

Don’t spend a ton of money on these items, try to find them at the dollar store if you can. The idea here isn’t to give them something they can use constantly, but something to show you put some thought into the gifts.


2. The Girly Girl

The Girly Girl is another easy basket to create. In the basket you can throw in a loofah, a scented candle, and some other bath novelties.

Throw in a rubber duck for good measure, and, depending on the money you have left, you may even be able to purchase a cheap bottle of wine to seal the deal. Place all this in the basket and you have yourself the perfect gift for any girly girl!


3. The Lumberjack

You might think this basket would be difficult to pull off because everyone says men are hard to buy for. This couldn’t be more false.

Men might be the easiest to buy for, because we aren’t complicated in the slightest. Go to the local beer store and pick up a few tall boys. Grab a few bags of chips, some candy, beef jerky, and then finish off with a novelty joke item (something poking fun at their age is generally the perfect gift).

This completes your Lumberjack gift basket.