7 Genius Gift Baskets That Will Make You the Ultimate Secret Santa


4. The Sweet Tooth

Now this basket will be the easiest gift ever! All you need to do is buy as much candy as your budget will allow!

I’m talking everything. Candy, gum, chocolate, and even some soda. Not much left except to avoid eating it yourself!


5.The Netflix and Chill

For this basket you don’t need to worry about getting movies or seasons of shows, just trust that the person has Netflix. In this basket you can throw a few beers or sodas, and then load the rest of the basket up with snacks!

As a final touch, depending on the price, throw in a cheap blanket and you have the perfect Netflix and Chill basket.

Hey Lets Make Stuff
Hey Lets Make Stuff

6. The Mix and Match

The Mix and Match is perfect for the person who you know absolutely nothing about. For this one you simply mix and match ideas from the gift baskets above.

Perhaps they are a female but they don’t seem super girly. Maybe opt out of the bath products, but keep that bottle of wine, and then throw in some chocolate and a good book!

For the guy who seems like he visits the gym a lot, maybe keep the chips out of his basket, but keep the beer and throw in some puzzle books. For this basket you can’t go wrong by throwing in lots of random items!