7 Fun Things to Do This Summer on a Budget!


The summer is already halfway over and you are wondering how to enjoy the rest of it without draining your bank account. We have some ideas for you that might be just what you’re looking for.

The best part is most of these items can be done solo, or in a small group, instead of a huge group outing.

Explore Your City
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Explore Your City

It may sound lame, but there are a lot of parts of your city that you probably haven’t even seen. Hop on your local transit, or jump on your bike, and hit the streets.

Head to an area that you know you have never really been before and go exploring. Better yet, pick an area you think you know well and explore even further.

You would be surprised by the hidden gems your city has to offer if you just spent some time poking around!

Go to the Beach
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Go to the Beach

The beach is a fun getaway for everyone. You get the sun, the sand and the water… what could be better? The most expensive part of your trip will either be the drive, or the sunblock!

Pack a cooler with some food so you don’t get caught paying the price for beach-side food (often a huge markup), then dig your toes in the sand and relax!

Hit the Trails
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Hit the Trails

Hiking can often be one of the most relaxing experiences you can have while being the most active. The weather may seem too hot to do anything, but taking a hike on your local trails, covered by the trees, is much cooler than you’d expect.

Pack a backpack with some sandwiches and lots of water to bring along. Figure out whether you’ll be doing a loop trail or pick out a marker on the trail at which point you’ll turn around to head back.

Much like exploring your city, exploring your local trails can often lead to some very interesting finds, and some amazing pictures.