10 Thanksgiving Hacks That Will save Your Party


We all know Thanksgiving can be a bit chaotic, especially when you’re the one preparing the meal and hosting the party. Uncle John always shows up an hour early before you even have the chance to mop the floors, Grandma Kelly forgot to bring her homemade mashed potatoes again – for the third year in a row, and you almost burnt your perfect pumpkin pie while getting caught up in a long conversation with the in-laws. Why let a good Thanksgiving, a time of appreciation and love for others, put you in stressful situation? Here are a few Thanksgiving hacks to make your party both enjoyable AND stress-free!

Make Your Meal Ahead of Time
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1. Make Your Meal Ahead of Time

Nothing’s worse than getting up early on Thanksgiving morning to prep your meal only to find that you forgot to buy the green beans and are out of butter. If that didn’t throw you off enough, you suddenly remember that you never pulled out your Thanksgiving meal recipes and can’t start making the dinner until you find them. Hold up!

Instead of making the same mistakes as previous years, this year make your meal ahead of time. Yes, it’s a huge time-saver that will take a lot of stress of your hands, and if you overcook the turkey or somehow accidentally put salt instead of sugar in your homemade cranberry sauce, it’s an easy fix. A day or two before, start making your dishes. Of course you can’t do this with everything you’re cooking; for instance, save the salad for the day of your Thanksgiving meal as you don’t want soggy greens. Cooking your turkey ahead of time, though, is a huge plus, especially since it takes so long to cook.

This recipe from Ina Garten for her fabulous make-ahead turkey can help you start preparing in advance.