This Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipe Is Genius and Delicious!


Already wondering what you are going to do with the overflow of leftovers from Thanksgiving? Usually your tactic to ensure no food goes to waste is to eat turkey sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week straight following the big event.

This year, give a new recipe a try. This one will combine all the leftovers into one delicious snack called “Thanksgiving Leftovers Bombs.”

Watch the video below to find out how to combine turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and cheese into delicious stuffed buns! You can even freeze them with the intention of thawing them out as an appetizer or side dish when you are wanting to experience a little bit of Thanksgiving all over again.

Looks like the perfect comfort food, doesn’t it? Just imagine coming in from the cold and heating up these gooey and satisfying buns.

This Thanksgiving you can be thankful for the piles of leftovers!