10 Unreal Underrated Games That You NEED to Play


We’ve all been there. Judged and ridiculed because of the games we love. Laughed at and misunderstood because the RPG that we play just isn’t “cool” anymore. Who cares? You are not alone in the fight against those haters. If you like a game, continue to play it! Just for fun, let’s take a look at some wildly underrated games that we should all give a chance to.

Scene It?
Ian The Cool

Scene It?

While trivia games have tended to go downhill in the last few years, Scene It? for the most part remains a crowd-pleaser. You can play so many variations of the game and prove to your friends just how much knowledge you have on a certain entertainment subject. Friends, Harry Potter, The Simpsons and even Disney Scene It? are all possibilities. Why should you feel uncool playing these amazing games? Live it up and out-nerd every one of your friends!