6 Hilariously Bad Cover Letters People Actually Applied to Jobs With

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I’m a Grate CanDIdate

We live in a world where this should no longer be an issue, and yet here is a prime example. You need to proofread your letter, or any piece of correspondence, before you send it out.

Despite the fact that this person is applying for a journalistic position, their letter has a few spelling errors. An employer is either going to assume that you have poor writing skills or that you wrote the cover letter in a rush.

This indicates that you lack attention to detail and perhaps that you aren’t even that invested in the position you are applying for.

Not a good candidate at all.

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Hire Me Just Cuz

If you are going to make the claim that a position is a perfect fit for you, then you better be able to back it up. This person wrote that the position is perfect for them because they’re 24… okay, well that means I could hire any 24-year-old and be set!

Selling yourself means explaining that you have something you believe no one else can offer. In this case, stating your age as a reason for being a perfect fit is like saying, “I’m a cat person so a job in construction is perfect for me.”


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I’ve Received Rave Reviews on My Work from My Mom

There are a few things wrong with this letter, but where to start… First of all, the best way to sell yourself as a writer probably doesn’t involve claiming that you received positive feedback from a friend’s grandfather.

They do state in the next sentence that said grandfather was a publisher for 30 years, which lends some validation to the praise. My tip? Don’t mention that this publisher was your friend’s grandfather at all.

It’s just not necessary. State instead that you received positive feedback on your writing from a publisher of 30 years.

Or better yet, include the person as a reference and leave them out of the cover letter altogether.

I cannot state this enough: sell yourself. Don’t use other people to sell you, you sell you! I don’t even want to touch the lower case i’s in this letter. PROOFREAD.

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