15 of the Biggest Jerks Ever Who Will Make You Feel Saintly


We’re all ruder than we mean to be from time to time. Sometimes you’re just in a bad mood and you become short with people, or say things you don’t mean. But we can forgive you for that.

These people, on the other hand, aren’t just intentionally jerks, they’re masters of the craft of ruining people’s lives. Seriously, did it takes years to hone this skill or are they just naturally good at hatching maniacal plots to make others miserable?

Here are the biggest jerk moves we could find.

1. Sometimes you’re starved for entertainment so you have to make your own.

Being a jerk to your family

2. This is why parents shouldn’t tell their kids that honesty is the best policy.

Kid's mean note to their mom
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3. Kids can be jerks, too.

Kid's bad parking job
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