Boy Gives Dad the Harsh Truth About His Outfit. Too Funny!


Do you remember a time when your parents embarrassed you and all you wanted to do was hide under a rock?

It could have been your mom calling you a cheesy name in front of your friends, or your dad cracking one of his so-called classic jokes that you’ve heard a hundred times already.

For this boy, it’s his father’s sense of fashion. With his dad wearing a blue winter sweater with black prints, the little guy was everything but impressed, as you can tell by his reaction in this hilarious video you’re about to watch.

Looks like someone has a good eye for fashion at a young age. It wouldn’t be surprising if this kid grows up to be the next big fashion icon 20 years from now.

As for the father, he’s sure to be more fashion-conscious the next time he goes out with his son.

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