Cat Gets Attached to Her Christmas Present… Literally!


Christmas season isn’t just a celebration exclusively for people anymore, as pets also get in on the holiday action now! It only makes sense, since many people consider their pets to be part of the family, right?

From joining in the annual holiday dinner to getting dressed in festive outfits, cats and dogs sure know what it’s like to celebrate the occasion. To top it off, there are owners who go as far as getting gifts for their beloved pets.

Take this little kitten, for example, who couldn’t wait to get her hands (or paws) on the present her mom gave her. Unfortunately for her, it seems she accidentally gets herself entangled in the paper bag.

No matter how hard she tries to detach it from her, the bag just won’t let go!

Check out the hilarious clip below as the poor cat struggles to free herself.

Maybe next time the owner gets her cat a present, they will have to use wrapping paper instead!

She seems none too impressed by the situation, but hopefully this doesn’t ruin Christmas for her forever.