27 Hilarious Christmas Memes That Tell the Truth About the Holidays!


Are you feeling stressed out as a result of wading through swarms of people in the mall, trying to get your Christmas shopping done? Or maybe you are stressed because I just reminded you that you still have ALL of your Christmas shopping to do.

Does the thought of having to spend an afternoon conversing with (read: being interrogated by) your relatives give you anxiety?

The holiday season is filled with lots of stressors. Why not take a moment to wind down and laugh at what we call “the most wonderful time of the year”?

If there’s one thing the internet is good for (besides the godsend that is Wikipedia), it’s making hilarious memes about pretty much every topic. Here are the best Christmas memes out there.

1. Even superheroes get the Christmas blues.

Batman smells
My Merry Christmas

2. Why does Santa give naughty kids fodder for their evil antics?

Coal for Christmas

3. Leave it to Grumpy Cat to express what we’re all thinking.

All I want for Christmas
We Know Memes