30 #ChristmasMiracle Tweets That Might Be a Slight Exaggeration


Everything seems just a little bit shinier, a little bit more magical at Christmastime. When things go wrong you are able to brush it off more easily.

When things go right, the world seems a generous and wonderful place. In other words, everything seems like a Christmas miracle around this time of the year!

Maybe these things aren’t quite as miraculous as people make them out to be… any other day it would simply seem like good luck or karma. But, hey, putting some emphasis on the good things in the world is never a bad idea!

Here are some Christmas miracles people are celebrating, even if they might be slight exaggerations!

1. Mom not hearing overhearing your conversations with your friends? Sounds like a win to me!

Phone hasn't randomly voice called anyone in three days

2. When humanity actually comes through.

Dropped my debit card and license in Finsbury Park

3. Thank you noisy roommate who just happened to start banging dishes around in the kitchen at 8:00 a.m.!

Waking up for your 8:30 exam just in time