36 Cooking Fails That Will Restore Your Faith in Your Culinary Skills


Very few of us are ever going to be culinary geniuses, able to make four course, gourmet meals for dozens of people at dinner parties. However, it really doesn’t take that much to at least be competent at cooking.

With the internet, it’s simple to find recipes that even the least experienced cook can follow and complete successfully. As such, it’s difficult to imagine what these people were thinking when they stepped into the kitchen…

Some of the following are just unfortunate errors, some moments of stupidity, while others are full on disasters.

These cooking fails will definitely make you feel like a five star chef!

1. At least it looks edible!

Cupcake fail
World of Mysteries

2. There are so many things wrong with this photo…

Egg fail

3. This photo just made me realize that cake pops essentially involve desecrating cake and impaling it on a stake. At least other people make it look more appetizing.

Cake pop fail