Dog Has a Hilarious Way of Showing His Distaste for High Fives!


The saying goes that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Now, Louie isn’t an old dog, but he thinks this trick in particular is getting pretty old!

Apparently, not all dogs are into giving high fives. Every time Louie’s owner tells him to raise his paw for a high five, he expresses his distaste for the friendly gesture.

Watch the video to see how this dog reacts to his owner’s simple request. He sure is one vocal dog!

Most of the time dogs are pretty eager to do tricks (especially if there happens to be a treat involved). We don’t know if Louie’s owner was holding a treat when he asked for a high five, but we can imagine that it wouldn’t do much to change Louie’s mind on high fives.

The last part where Louie walked away was just too funny! It really shows how over high fives he is.

Maybe he prefers fist bumps instead?