Dumb Deaths: The Best That the Darwin Awards Has to Offer


If women are the fairer sex, then men are definitely the dumber sex. A quick glance through the years and years of Darwin Awards — which are gifted to people who die in the dumbest ways — will tell you that most of them go to men. It’s very rarely okay to make jokes about death, but when people die because of their ignorance or stupidity, then it’s fine. Trust us, it’s an unwritten rule — which we just made up.

Going for a Jump

Going for a Jump

Imagine the scene: you’re driving along a road on a dark and calm night. You come to a bridge and think to yourself, “I wonder what it would be like to bungee jump off that bridge.” If you’re a rational person, you might go home and arrange something for a week or a month in the future. If you’re an intrepid Darwin award winner by the name of Eric Barcia, then you’ll decide that you can’t wait that long and that tonight will be the night.

Eric tied two bungee cords together and, in a surprisingly rational move, he fixed them to the end of the bridge. He even measured the cords and estimated the length of distance from the bridge to the ground, figuring he had more than enough room to spare. So far this doesn’t sound like Darwin Award material, but despite owning the bungee cords, despite using them in the past, and despite tiring them together, Eric failed to notice just how stretchy they were. The 22 year old was dead as soon as he hit the ground, which happened much sooner than he had calculated.