Little Boy Masters the Art of Instantly Falling Asleep


Have you ever had one of those days where you’re so worn out you couldn’t wait to get home and just throw yourself onto your bed? For this tired little boy, waiting doesn’t seem to be an option, as he falls asleep in such an unusual and hilarious manner.

He’s trying so hard to stay awake to keep his dad company on the long drive home. He’s exhibiting all the symptoms of being on the verge of passing out: head slowly tilting forward and then jerking back up, eyes blinking blearily, and a dazed look on his face. Poor little guy!

His dad clearly feels bad for him as he tells his son it’s okay, he can fall asleep. However, right after hearing the word “sleep,” the boy immediately gives in to his drowsiness almost as if on command!

Watch how the little guy instantly falls asleep! It’s pretty impressive.

Kids are always falling asleep in the most unusual places and ways… however, we’re pretty impressed that this little guy had enough self-control to stay awake for as long as he did!

He must really love his dad. What a special bond these two have!

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