30 Halloween Costume Fails That Don’t Deserve Any Candy


Some people are masters of Halloween, having their costume planned out by Christmas in preparation for next October. Most others start brainstorming ideas with the arrival of fall, the chilly weather and crunchy leaves a reminder of Halloween evenings as kids going door to door.

Then there are those of us who procrastinate until a couple of weeks before Halloween. Sometimes you’re still floundering for a good costume idea the morning of a costume party you’ll be attending that evening. In such cases you whip together a costume using whatever you can find around the house.

Many of the following awful costumes are probably a result of poor planning. Or perhaps even some of these poor souls just don’t have the creativity it takes to pull off a homemade costume!

Either way, they sure are fun to laugh at. These are genuinely the worst Halloween costumes we’ve ever seen.

If you are looking for some Halloween costume inspiration, may these inspire you to run in the opposite direction and find a costume that’s actually good!

1. All together you can mostly tell who they are supposed to be… But separate them and you are going to create major confusion!

Star Wars costume fail

2. Hey, good for her parents for actually making the costume she insisted on!

Table costume

3.┬áHe was going for “terrifying interpretation of Simpson’s character,” right?

Homer Simpson costume fail
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