30 Best #ItsNotAFamilyGatheringUntil Tweets to Celebrate the Holidays


There’s no getting around it. The period from mid-November to the beginning of January is filled with gathering after gathering with your extended family.

If your relatives are from far away this doesn’t mean simply sharing a couple meals with them. It means you’ll be sleeping on the lumpy couch in the basement for weeks on end as your family members become house guests for three weeks.

Although there are many aspects of these family get-togethers that are less than ideal, at least at this point in our lives we know what to expect.

In fact, people have been using #ItsNotaFamilyGatheringUntil on Twitter to express what their family members do without fail every time they get together.

Hey, at this point they’re practically family traditions. Would you want it any other way?

1. There are certain sounds that you automatically equate with family and the holidays.

Kids get hurt

2. When the only family you want to spend time with is your pets.


3. You practice quietly receding into the shadows for weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

Dog becomes comedian