Little Kitten Teaches Us the Importance of Inventing Your Own Fun


Besides the fact that they want to be treated like royalty, cats can be such oddly fascinating animals. They’ll suddenly jump at you from out of nowhere, scratch you for attention, uncontrollably meow at you for no reason — and then there are those who play with whatever they can get their paws on!

A certain kitty by the name of Ginger is one of those cats that is always looking for unique ways to entertain herself. In the video below, she excitedly plays with one particularly strange toy.

Sure, some cats will play with toilet paper, paper bags and shoe laces. But what Ginger finds to play with isn’t something we’d ever consider to be toy-like. It’s a potato!

Watch little Ginger go crazy over her edible toy.

Did you ever think a potato could bring a cat so much joy?

Looks like Ginger just showed everyone that potatoes aren’t only for eating, but that they can be for playing as well!