Talented Pets Celebrate the Holidays by Doing the Mannequin Challenge


The latest viral trend known as the “Mannequin Challenge” has taken social media by storm. From office workers to pro-athletes to celebrities, it seems like no one has been able to resist posting their own version of the challenge.

Think you’ve seen it all? Think again!

This Mannequin Challenge is completely different and much more impressive than the other clips you’ve already watched. You could even say the actors have taken the challenge to a whole new level.

And by actors, we don’t mean people, we mean pets.

Some comedic genius had the idea to make his pets partake in the infamous challenge. He even decided to make it holiday themed.

It doesn’t get much better than this!

I can’t even imagine how much time the owner dedicated to training his dogs and guinea pigs to stand still. And not only are they well-trained, but they also strike quite the poses!

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