30 Classic Mom Texts That Will Make You Roll Your Eyes and Laugh


If your phone vibrates and you see “Dad” pop up on your screen you can usually bet there is a dad joke waiting for you, or at the very least your dad is making fun of you in some way. If “Mom” pops up on the screen, however, it could be any number of things!

Depending how adept your mother is at texting she might have sent you some incoherent sentences, random emojis, or uncontextualized photos. Or maybe she is checking on you to make sure you are safe or reminding you that she loves you.

Regardless you can usually count on getting a good laugh from whatever it is your mom has texted you, even if (or ESPECIALLY if) she wasn’t trying to┬ábe funny.

1. Moms just want to share their excitement with you.

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2. When you can’t tell if your mom is being funny or incredibly authentic.

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3. Just when you think you’ve gotten good at understanding her, she throws this at you.

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