Chihuahua Displays Every Older Sibling’s Reaction to New Family Addition


Dogs are just like little kids. They’re cute, they misbehave to get your attention, and when a new addition to the family arrives, well, they get jealous too!

This tiny Chihuahua just doesn’t seem to be in high spirits when her owner brings home a new puppy to expand their canine family. She welcomes her adopted sibling with nothing but hostility.

Could she be jealous that she will no longer be the favorite pup? Check out the video and be the judge!

Considering the puppy is already bigger than her, this Chihuahua has some nerve! Then again, she’s smart to assert her dominance early on. Before long, that puppy is going to be towering over her!

It wouldn’t be surprising if these two end up as best friends, though. After all, they’ll be living together day in and day out so they’ll have to come to some sort of mutual understanding!

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