17 Times Tumblr Managed to Turn Everything into a Pick up Line


Strangely enough, most of the time pick up lines either result in giving the impression that you’re trying way too hard or you’re not trying hard enough.

If your pick up line is something you clearly put a lot of thought into, women will probably think you are trying too hard to impress them and will be turned off.

Conversely, if you try to use a cliché pick up line, women will think you aren’t putting in enough effort and are just looking for an easy way to hook up.

However, the best pick up lines seem to be the ones that are witty and spur of the moment. People on Tumblr have totally mastered this technique.

The formula? Look for a post that has nothing to do with romance, and twist things around into a compliment. In all of these cases, the recipient seems to be pretty impressed with the smooth moves of the Tumblr suitor.

Maybe the pick up line isn’t dead after all!

1. When you’re just stating an unfortunate fact and somehow someone turns it into a compliment.

You're too hot pick up line

2. When the smooth lines just keep coming.

Snapchat pick up line
Pleated Jeans

3. Just helping people see their potential one note at a time.

Future pick up line