Teenage Girl Demonstrates Why Pranking Pets Is a Bad Idea


If you’ve ever been bored at home you know one of the best ways to relieve that boredom is to pull a prank. After all, it’s quite the creative process: from brainstorming the prank, to creating it, to orchestrating a way to get your target to fall for it.

And then, of course, there’s the weeks you’ll spend afterward being paranoid that they’ll get you back.

Except in this case — because the prankster gets her just desserts before her own prank is even over! Instead of wanting to prank a family member, though, this teenage girl has her eyes set on a specific non-human victim: their beloved pet cat.

Playing pranks on humans is so overrated, she might have thought. Why not do it on animals instead?

The prankster thinks it would be very funny to see the cat run through plastic wrap that she stretched across a hallway. To ensure the cat is running full force, she even chases it with a spray bottle full of water.

Little does she know, though, the cat is about to have the last laugh. Check out the video to witness a prank gone hilariously wrong.

What appeared to be a perfectly plotted scheme became a total disaster for the teen, as she ended up being her own victim. Looks like the cat just taught her two things, the first being to never underestimate animals.

The second lesson? She should just go back to pulling pranks on people.