10 of the Most Priceless Snapchat Face Swaps out There


Snapchat makes taking selfies funner than ever. If you ever tried their oh-so-trendy face swap filter, you know just how entertaining the results can be.

Check out some of the most priceless Snapchat face swaps below. They’re sure to give you a good laugh. (Some of them might give you a few nightmares, though. Sorry!)

Age Swap
Teen Times

Age Swap

We all want to look either younger or more mature than we really are, and while this may not be the proper way to do so, it sure is entertaining. Imagine if all babies had adult-like faces, and all adults had baby faces.

Too funny! Or just plain creepy. You pick.

Real Life Barbie

Real Life Barbie

If you’ve ever wondered what you’d look like as a Barbie, try face swapping with one like this guy did. Talk about scary.

The face swapped Barbie doll is definitely not the kind of doll any little girl would be asking for, that’s for sure.

Now That's Just Creepy
Pleated Jeans

Now That’s Just Creepy

This face swap result looks a lot like a horror movie if you ask me. There’s just something about that baby that gives off an uncomfortable feeling.

Maybe it’s the adult-sized nose, or maybe it’s the full set of teeth. Either way, both swaps give off an uneasy vibe that can’t quite be explained.