15 Times Parents Were More Than Ready for School to Start Again


Summer vacation is the longest two months of the year for parents.

Even if you go into the summer holidays with an arsenal of plans to keep the kids busy, somehow by the end of the summer it’s your kids who are making the plans and you’re stuck running around trying to make sure they don’t burn anything down.

As kids, summer holidays seemed way too short. We could never understand why our parents were so eager for school to start again. Do you hate me, mom?!

The truth is, it wasn’t that our parents didn’t want us to enjoy our summer vacation. It’s that parents need those 10 months of the year to recover from having the kids home for the summer.

Because soon enough it’s summer vacation all over again.

1. When you leave your child playing nicely and then hear strange muffled noises coming from the other room.

Kid in dog carrier

2. When you’re trying to be a good, responsible parent but your kids just make it so difficult.

Kids asking for ice cream

3. He’s smiling because he’s proud of himself. Mom is smiling because she can leave him in there and he’ll become someone else’s problem.

Kid stuck in claw machine