29 Texts That Prove Dads Only Use Their Phones to Tell Dad-Jokes


Dad got a phone? “This will be great!” you think. Now you can actually text him when you need something. Gone are the days of having to call your home phone only to find out Dad’s not there.

After all, there was nothing you hated more than catching a bus home from college, only to have no idea where your dad was when you get off the bus. Of course you couldn’t call him to find out if he was running behind or just parked out of sight because he didn’t have a cell phone.

So Dad getting a cell could only mean great things, right?

Wrong. Sure, your dad having a cell phone means you can get in touch with him more easily when you need him. But it also means that he can more easily get in touch with YOU… and provide you with a constant barrage of dad-jokes.

The lesson? Cell phones are really just another venue for dads to make fun of you and tell you corny jokes.

1. To be fair, he kind of set his dad up for this one.

Adopted dad-joke
Texts from Homestuck

2. Some dad’s spend their time just waiting for one of their kids to need their help with something. This is not one of those dads.

Bad dad advice
Free Make

3. He’s clearly not bitter at all.

Vacation dad-joke
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