Toddler Expertly Repeats Words, but Won’t Say One in Particular


Little kids have a knack for mimicking what their parents say. Like sponges, their minds absorb far more information than parents probably think.

When kids are first starting to talk, mom or dad will often give the child words to repeat, just as occurs in the video below. If the child is particularly young, they probably don’t even know what they are saying, but are simply mimicking the sounds they hear their parents uttering to them.

You might think that’s the case with this little boy, but he quickly proves he knows exactly what’s going on!

Instructed by his dad to follow what he is saying, this little cutie obediently repeats after him. He appears to be on a roll, but his impressive streak is cut short when he hears one word in particular that he refuses to repeat.

Find out what that word is in the video below.

Looks like this kid is not a big fan of taking showers! Or maybe he just has a hard time pronouncing the word? However, from the look on his face it seems as though¬†he is questioning why his dad would engage him in such a fun game, only to throw an awful word like “shower” in there!

Either way,¬†maybe his dad should use the word “bath” next time they practice and see if that has more success.

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