30 Hilarious People Who Totally Win at Texting


As much as we all love texting (hello not having to actually CALL people anymore), it still leads to weird, creepy and awkward situations in its own right. People feel way more comfortable saying or sending pictures of things via text than they would over the phone or in person, and this often leads to some downright strange (not to mention gross) text messages.

All that aside, there are some cases in which people are true texting comedians, finding ways to divert awkward situations or take a completely normal conversation and make it absolutely hilarious.

We all wish there were more people who win at texting in the world.

1. I mean, you kind of want to give him points for trying. But I’m not sure what response he thought he was going to get.

Random number

2. It’s so great when two people who have never met get each other’s humor.

Titanic wrong number

3. I bet he responds to all texts by sending a picture of himself, though.

Wendy wrong number