Our Team

Rob Ermeta
Rob is a native Hamiltonian currently attending McMaster University in the English and History program. While he has dabbled in writing short stories, and would love to write a novel someday, editing and writing for online blogs and forums has been a secret passion of his ever since reading Julie and Julia, by Julie Powell. When he is not writing or reading you can usually find Rob in the kitchen whipping up some new dessert. You can connect with him on Twitter @rob_ermeta
Maddy Heeszel
Maddy is freelance writer and social media marketer from Central California. She is a 4.0 GPA graduate from Brandman University and a small business owner. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, blogging, taking pictures, learning new languages, cooking, and gardening. Maddy was nominated by the staff editors as best writer for her high school's newspaper which encouraged her to pursue writing.
Daphne Keng
Daphne Keng is an aspiring writer/blogger/psychologist. A witty chick, she loves mixing everything with humor and sarcasm. Coffee seems to be the only thing that keeps her sane. Oh, and working out.
K.C. is a freelance writer and author of the Best Travel Guide for First Time Travelers to Ireland, with thousands of articles published on sites like Yahoo Travel, Trips to Discover, Ideal Living, Travel + Leisure, Your Daily Scoop, Discover Fame and more.
Rubain Manzoor
Rubain Manzoor is a Digital Marketer, SAHM (stay-at-home-mom), and a freelance writer. Having been active online since 2000, she has been focused on listening to the online conversation and helps brands engage with their customers digitally. Described as spontaneous, optimistic (and sometimes crazy), Rubain also aims to break stereotypes with her humorous take on life issues. You can connect with her on Twitter @rubainmanzoor.
David is a best-selling author of eleven books and has been writing professionally for over ten years. He writes novels and short stories in a number of genres. When not working on his books, David also enjoys writing articles, news, content, reviews, descriptions and blogs on a wide variety of topics.
Kate Ferguson is a Los Angeles local and freelance writer for a variety of blogs and online magazines. When she's not writing, the UC Davis graduate is focused on pursuits of the entertainment industry, spin class, and hot sauce. Keep up with her on Twitter, or check out her personal blog.
Brandon Bovenzi
Brandon is a content writer that specializes in articles and blogs. He enjoys producing inspiring content that’s fully of energy and enjoyable to read. Over the past few years he’s been involved in a wide variety of projects from many industries.
Christina Faroni
Christina is a passionate creative writer with an interest in script writing and creative content. She graduated from the University of Windsor with a major in Creative Writing and Media, providing her with a solid understanding of the theater and film industry.
Pamilla is a freelance writer and avid blogger for her website Hey Miss Adventures. She specializes in areas of travel, parenting, finance and various reviews.
Chantal Mcculligh
Chantal McCulligh is a writing extraordinaire who has a love for sharing the world through words. When she isn't writing, Chantal can be found recording videos for her YouTube channels.
Dejan Kvrgic
Dejan is a traveler knowledge junkie, a successful blogger, and experienced freelance writer. He enjoys quality videos, gets on top of the viral trends, and writes for several authority sites online. His writing is witty, engaging, and thought-provoking - you'll never have a dull time in his articles. He wrote his first word when he was 4; it was his favorite - "Dog." He blogs at Zante Holiday Insider about his passion and guides you to Greek island of Zante
Kar-Leigh Kelso
Kar-leigh is a skilled writer in nearly every form of writing and brings passion and dedication to her work. She has a background in editing and content writing.