8 Things Only 90s Kids Will Understand


Times have changed, that’s for sure. If you were born after the 1990s, chances are, you won’t understand the hype with these things that were so near and dear to many 90s kids hearts!

The Excitement of Collecting Ty Beanie Babies - 1991
Ty Collector

1. The Excitement of Collecting Ty Beanie Babies – 1991

So many Beanie Babies, so little time! Beanie Babies can still be found in stores, but they are nowhere near as popular today as they were in the 90s. When they came out in 1991, it was one of the hottest toys among 90s kids, especially in 1995. If you didn’t have a collection of Beanie Babies, ranging from Flash the Dolphin to Brownie the Bear, you definitely weren’t up with the hype. And if you didn’t get mad at your sibling for threatening to rip off the little heart tags off of your Beanie Babies, you were not a “true” Beanie Baby collector.

In 1996, McDonald’s started putting Teenie Beanies in their Happy Meals. Kids loved these miniature versions of Beanie Babies! Unfortunately for Ty, they had to stop producing Beanie Babies in 1999 due to a fall in sales, though once again being produced in 2000. In hopes to keep up with the 21st Century’s technological era, a new line of 2.0 Beanie Babies were sold with a code that could be used in the interactive Ty Beanie Babies World game online, though the site was shut down shortly after.

It’s clear that Beanie Babies are not as hit as they were in the 90s, but these little plushies will forever stay in the hearts of 90s kids.