6 Surprising Advantages of Being an Introvert


It’s no secret that being introverted is seen as a flaw. Society generally tells us that those who are outgoing and social are more likely to be successful in life.

Because of this attitude, introverts often wish they could be more extroverted. They might yearn to be able to be able to talk to people with as much ease and confidence as extroverts do. It can be tough being an individual who generally enjoys a quieter environment, keeping to themselves, and is less of a people person.

It’s about time we recognized the positive qualities that introverts possess. These qualities do exist and can even rival the strengths of the exalted extroverts!

Here are some advantages of being introverted that you might not have considered before.

You're a Great Listener
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1. You’re a Great Listener

While being talkative gives others the impression that you’re a confident person and in turn leads to many great opportunities, nothing beats the value of being a good listener. As an introvert, you may keep things more to yourself, but this only means you have plenty of time for listening to others’ thoughts and feeling, especially when someone needs to vent.

Being social and talkative has its merits, of course, but in today’s world very few people acquire the skill of being a good listener. Instead, people tend to not pay attention to what others are saying and even interrupt them, thus taking control of the conversation.

Talking over someone shows that you value your own opinions more than anyone else’s, whereas being a good listener means you are open to compromise and discussion. Not only do potential employers value the latter more, but friends and family do, too!

You Tend to Pay Attention to Details
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2. You Tend to Pay Attention to Details

Being a quieter or more reserved person, you’re likely to pay attention to the things others are too busy to notice. For instance, perhaps you’ll notice another person’s slightly indifferent behavior, new haircut, or even the fact that they suddenly stopped wearing their wedding ring, whereas others may never or take much longer to notice.

It’s the little details that make all the difference. Be proud that being an introvert allows you plenty of time to notice and observe things other than the big picture. In turn, paying attention to the details also allows for creativity and provides you with an eye for perfection.

You're Less Likely to Offend Someone
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3. You’re Less Likely to Offend Someone

In a time where it seems everyone is offended over everything, it’s difficult to know what the appropriate thing to say is. Fortunately for introverts, they’re likely to thoroughly think things through before saying them. That is, if they decide to even say them at all.

Because they’re more reserved and are naturally more inclined to listen rather than to talk, it only makes sense that there’s less of a chance to hurt or offend someone by what they say. It also means that what they do say is more in line with their actual beliefs and values, since their words have been carefully chosen and thought over.