25 Super Relateable Things You’ll Only Get If You’re Always Late


Let me get this straight. So not only do you self-identify as someone who is chronically late for things, but you visit posts that glorify lateness in order to validate the fact that you can never manage to be on time?

Well, it’s time for an intervention. This isn’t a post about things people who are always late can relate to. This is a post about how the people who are always on time feel about you always being late.

Your friends have probably told you over and over again that you need to show up on time. But maybe you’ll finally listen if you hear it from your trusted friend, The Internet!

Come on, people, it’s not that hard to be on time, or at least close!

1. Your autocorrect can see through your lies and so can we.


2.¬†Hey, it’s more courteous than showing up with an empty apology!

Bringing donuts

3. Is this honestly how some people plan? No wonder the earth is dying.

Leaving late