Annoyingly Catchy Songs That Will Be Stuck in Your Head


Did you catch yourself humming that painfully annoying song that you ridiculed about with your friends just the other day? Chances are, you’ve done it more than once!

We have all been victim to the annoyingly catchy songs of the season and can’t escape from them. Everywhere we go, we’re bound to hear them. At the train station, in the mall, on the radio, even during lunch breaks at work! Although they are popular and big hits, catchy songs are often despised by people because of its repetitive lyrics, beats and music. For most people, they are just plain annoying!

Check out the video below to find out which songs have joined the list of all-time annoying songs.

Which one of these did you find the most annoying? Is there a particular song that should have made the list? Comment and let us know!