Thoughts We All Have in the Last Few Days Before Christmas


1. Okay, 17 holiday parties down and only five to go.

2. This is fun, but I am seriously exhausted.

3. Perhaps I shouldn’t have had so much champagne this week.

4. But it’s not like I could have survived the office party without it!

5. Nothing weird happened… did it?

6. Except that I got the worst Secret Santa gift as usual.

7. I guess I could re-gift it.

8. Maybe that’s what they did. Probably.

9. Oh, wait, Christmas is literally days away. How did that happen?

10. I haven’t even started my shopping yet.

11. Well, I started, but then only bought stuff for myself.

12. Giving gifts is hard!

13. Why am I such a Grinch?

14. Honestly, I don’t even know what my brother would want. He has everything!

15. Can’t we just exchange hugs instead of buying random things no one needs?

16. Unless he’s getting me something good, then I’d be willing to put in a little extra effort.

17. Maybe I can ask my mom what’s up with the gifts.

18. Shopping sounds so intense.

19. I better get moving on these holiday candles, they’re not going to burn themselves down.

20. Can’t burn Christmas candles in the new year, now can I?

21. Wait, let’s not even start thinking about New Year’s Eve yet. I have so much to do before then.

22. I feel like everyone is already on Christmas break besides me.

23. Why don’t adults get Christmas break?

24. I could use the extra time to prepare.

25. And pack.

26. OMG it’s going to be storming at my parent’s house, do I even have clothes to pack for this?

27. I guess I’ll raid my mom’s closet.

28. That should go well.

29. I’m hoping this year is a little more peaceful than last year.

30. I don’t even remember what was going on, but there was some sassiness going around the family.

31. That stuff is contagious.

32. I will set my intention now to be on my best behavior, just because I’m feeling extra jolly this year.

33. Although it would be way better if I was in a relationship, it’s always nice to have that person as a buffer.

34. Sigh.

35. I guess I can always sneak away and meet up with some friends if things get weird.

36. I wonder who else will be home.

37. Not that I want to run into my ex, and that sort of sounds inevitable if I go out.

38. Or maybe there will be some reuniting Christmas magic in the air…

39. No.

40. Not necessary.

41. Maybe I’ll meet a cutie on the flight there.

42. Lol.

43. That sounds like the start of a holiday film, and I deserve it.

44. When I get married and have a home, I’m making everyone come to me.

45. Christmas at my place!

46. Just have to learn how to cook.

47. Maybe I won’t eat an entire pie this time.

48. Or maybe I will, it’s only once a year.

49. Although I guess I just ate a bunch of pie at Thanksgiving, didn’t I.

50. No one was watching.

51. Thanksgiving and Christmas are awfully close together, I feel like I just got off a plane 10 minutes ago.

52. It could be worse, but planes are just so dehydrating.

53. Why is my skin so dry this year??

54. I need to pack some extra hydration stuff in my carry on for sure.

55. Maybe Santa will bring me some lotion.

56. I wish I still believed in Santa, that was fun.

57. I need to remember not to spoil that for my niece and nephew.

58. Little believers.

59. I’m going to need some serious Christmas magic this year to get everything done on time.