7 Best Christmas Movies to Get You in the Holiday Spirit!


Now that it’s December it’s appropriate to fully engulf yourself in all things Christmas. Forget listening to any new songs; your goal is to be thoroughly sick of Christmas music by the time December 25 rolls around.

All fitness and health goals go out the window at this point, too. No, now is not the time to start eating better. Now is the time to shove as many gingerbread men and candy canes into your mouth as you can before you have to start making New Year’s resolutions.

You can also forget browsing Netflix for an hour trying to find something to watch. This time of the year makes it super easy to find something to watch because all you have to do is go back to the classic Christmas movies. And would you look at that, we have a list for you of the top Christmas movies of all time!

Get your coziest blanket, make a mug full of hot chocolate, and settle down because it’s time for the Christmas movie countdown.

Home Alone

Home Alone

Alright, let’s start things off with a classic comedy film that also does the job of getting us right in the feels. Home Alone does a great job of envisioning what would happen if an eight-year-old accidentally got left behind by his family while they went on vacation around Christmastime.

From doing whatever he wants to setting booby traps to outsmart two burglars, the young boy, Kevin McCallister, is simply one of the most sly, yet adorable movie characters out there. Okay, so perhaps the scenes with the booby traps are a tad exaggerated.

And perhaps the entire premise of the movie is a little unlikely as well. That doesn’t make this movie any less entertaining, though!

She Knows


Elf is arguably Will Farrell at his best. Some may even say Elf is the best family Christmas movie there is, and we would have to agree!

As a baby, Buddy was taken to the North Pole where he was raised among Santa’s elves. As he grows older, Buddy is discouraged that he doesn’t fit in with the other elves, leading to his hilarious yet heart-felt search for his non-elf, birth father in New York City.

Drama, fantasy, comedy and romance are all components of this great Christmas movie. Plus you get to hear Zoeey Deschanel singing, so what’s not to love?

A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story

Leg lamps and air rifles. Those are just a few iconic props found in the movie, A Christmas Story.

Most of the movie involves us watching Ralphie, the young male protagonist, face catastrophic events from getting bullied to accidentally shooting himself in the eye with the new rifle he begged his parents to get him for Christmas.

With a title like A Christmas Story you would expect this movie to be about a picture perfect Christmas, getting down to the true meaning of the season by relaying the story of the birth of Christ or a family coming together.

What makes things all the more hilarious is that it really tells the story of a less-than-perfect family and the troubles that a young boy can get into. It’s a Christmas story, alright, just not the one you might have expected!